About Us

Taste is one of the five senses. This cannot be underestimated when it comes to food.

Inspired by the combined importance of taste and quality, Award Deli was the first to have launched a completely new concept of food shopping by introducing an AWARD-WINNING ONLY product category.

By introducing this whole new taste centric category of products, Award Deli made its marks on the industry and set a new trend.

At Award Deli, it’s the Award that makes the Difference.

ALL of our products have been awarded objectively by independent taste Experts. And by Experts we mean internationally recognised sommeliers, restaurant owners, chefs, food industry experts, supertasters etc.

It’s no longer just about being organic, gluten free or anything else, it is about the BEST TASTE CERTIFIED, a whole new product category in itself. Of course, taste is linked to quality and originality. We will only source the very best of both.

Award Deli brings you the best TASTE, as guaranteed by the Awards the products have won. The judges/experts decide independently, and Award Deli sources and brings the awarded products to you.

And we are not stopping on the product selection, we are very demanding throughout the whole process. We have very high quality assurance standards and continually demand the freshest produce, the highest quality and of course, the best taste as certified by taste and food experts.

We also pay particular attention to ensuring that the highest hygienic and quality standards are maintained throughout the whole production and supply chain - from estates, family farms and artisan kitchens all the way through to your doorstep.

We guarantee you that ALL Award Deli’s products are awarded by THE experts for their outstanding taste and quality.

This is Award Deli, it’s the Award that makes ALL the difference